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Fake ID by Lamar Giles

Fake ID - Lamar Giles, L.R. Giles

Synchronized Reading

I've been reading a lot of fast paced reads lately and Fake ID was no exception. Mystery with some mob-ish/criminal elements going on within the book equals awesome for me! I didn't really no what to expect when I started reading this book. All I knew was that the synopsis had me intrigued and the more I continued to read, the more I became glued to the story. There were a lot of twists to keep you guessing at was to come next. I would recommend this to those who enjoys mystery books :)

In the start of the book we find out that Nick and his family are in the Witness Protection Program and have been hidden within it for years. Nick's dad is the reason they're in the program to begin with because he was apart of the mob or something of the sort. I really, really liked the mystery of Stepon and the murders and those two elements kept me deep into the story. In the beginning things were a tad bit slow, but not too slow. Once things started picking up, I really couldn't put the book down. Nick was a pretty interesting character. I loved his way of thinking. He's been on the run with his family and has been around criminal activity for so long that he's always on guard and cautious around everyone he meets. I really appreciate that we got to know Eli a little bit even though we KNOW that he's going to die. I found it nice because we got to see the kind of person that he was before things started to hit the fan.


And then we meet Reya. As a character she was pretty cool and feisty, but as a love interest, I don't know. I liked her and I found her family pretty interesting, but she kind of disappointed me towards the end of the story. The relationship between Nick, his mom and his dad was also interesting to read about. It was very dysfunctional, but that to be expected because of the reason they're in the Witness Protection Program to begin with. I suppose I was hoping to see more growth in the family relationship, but there wasn't too much of it until the very end.


When things are finally revealed, I didn't really see it coming as to who did what. But it wasn't an 'OMG surprise moment', it was more of an 'I should have seen that one coming' type of feeling. But I did like how it all played out :) I'm hoping there's a sequel, I'm thinking there is because of the way the book ended. I really enjoy the story overall and would definitely recommend those who like mysteries to give the book a try.

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